Message from the Chair of the Advisory Committee

lyn-beazley-dna-tower-hdI am very proud to be associated once again in 2016 with the WA Innovator of the Year program.

The program has reached a wonderful anniversary: it is our tenth year with the program continuing to go from strength to strength. Increasingly the program is recognised for the vital role it plays in identifying and rewarding some of our State’s finest thinkers and innovators. Their contribution helps to take Western Australia forward economically, environmentally and socially.

In the ten years, the program has shone a spotlight on marvellous innovations in areas as diverse as the resources sector, human health, water, energy, communication, agriculture, education and the environment. Here in Western Australia, along with the rest of the world, we face challenges but equally there are opportunities to make a brighter future for us all. The innovations might take the form of a device, a process, a service or a new way of thinking about how we live and how we do things.

Creative thinkers can take advantage of the program’s mentoring, networking opportunities and financial assistance to help them commercialise their ideas, and in turn, create long lasting benefits for our economy and community. The prestige of the awards means that the recognition afforded to winners helps promote their innovation to the world and achieve their goals.

As the Chief Scientist of Western Australia from 2006-2013, and more recently as WA Australian of the Year 2015, I have travelled the length and breadth of our amazing State, meeting fascinating people from all walks of life. My travels have enabled me to proudly promote the program that “connects the dots” bringing innovative people together for creative solutions.

I invite you to join us in celebrating our anniversary, making it a milestone to remember as we celebrate our wonderful Western Australian innovators.

Professor Lyn Beazley AO FTSE
Chair, WA Innovator of the Year Advisory Committee

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