Western Australia aims to double the value of its agriculture and food sector by 2025.

With an increasing global population and growing demand for agrifood products, Western Australia is in a strong position to build on its well-established reputation as a clean and green state, free of major pests and diseases and reliable as a supplier of premium-quality food.

Opportunities exist for investment partners to support the capacity for continued growth in Western Australia’s export-focused agriculture and food businesses.

The Western Australian Government is focused on a balanced approach to trade and investment, supporting Western Australia and market-based companies to develop stronger supply chains from the state to rapidly expand new and existing markets.

Investment can provide a range of benefits to investors, including access to new products and continuity of supply and supply security. For Western Australia, it means more competitive businesses and access to new markets, along with additional jobs and more vibrant regional communities.

State and federal governments, together with industry, actively encourage local and overseas investment into agriculture and food.