Hong Kong is Western Australia’s sixth largest merchandise export market. Western Australia exported A$4.1 billion of goods to Hong Kong in 2018-19, with the top exports being gold, iron ore, diamonds and pearls, gold coin, and crustaceans.

Hong Kong is Western Australia’s fiftieth largest source of merchandise imports. Western Australia imported A$31 million of goods from Hong Kong in 2018-19, with the top imports being diamonds and pearls, tantalum and tungsten, and jewellery.

Hong Kong is Australia’s twelfth largest source of foreign direct investment (A$16.3 billion in 2018), while Hong Kong is the tenth largest destination for Australia’s direct investment abroad (A$5.2 billion in 2018). 

From Hong Kong, Western Australia had 30,000 visitors in 2018-19 and 1,700 students in 2018. For Western Australian tourists, Hong Kong is the seventeenth most popular overseas tourism destination, with 16,000 Western Australians visiting Hong Kong in 2018.

Western Australia has a growing Hong Konger community. In 2016, 6,000 Western Australian residents were born in Hong Kong.

The Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation supports Western Australia’s investment and trade with Hong Kong through its Shanghai Office, which was established in 1996.