“Trade through the State’s port authorities will increase by up to 140 per cent to 2030 from 457 million tonnes per annum in 2012 to more than 1 billion tonnes per annum in 2030.”
Source: Western Australian Regional Freight Network Plan - Ports

Western Australia has the nation’s largest network of ports. There are currently eight port authority ports and nine non-port authority ports in Western Australia.

The immense scale and scope of forecast trade growth will necessitate significant infrastructure expansions at existing ports across most of Western Australia as well as the potential development of new ports proposed at AnketellAshburton and Oakajee

While much of the investment in future port capacity will be borne by the private sector, the Western Australian Government will ensure the appropriate port planning frameworks, governance models and regulatory settings are in place.

In this regard the government recently completed the Western Australian Ports Review to consolidate all existing and future ports into an appropriately managed regional port structure.