Asian Engagement

Western Australia has long had relationships with its Asian trading partners, largely through the State’s resource exports. The relationships have been beneficial to both Western Australians and Asians.

Engagement between Western Australia and Asia has not been limited to trade. Many Western Australians were born in Asia. Through Sister State relationships; education and training, Ministerial visits and professional exchanges, Western Australians and Asians have been developing a deeper understanding about each other.

Western Australia’s proximity to Asia has given the State an advantage to become Australia’s western gateway to Asia. In 2017‑18, about 90 per cent of Western Australia’s merchandise exports were to Asia and nine out of the State’s top ten export markets, were in Asia.

Asian markets are substantial and growing, which provides an opportunity for diversifying Western Australian exports into Asia; for deepening relationships and growing an understanding about each other for mutual benefit. Western Australia is well‑placed to grow and diversify its engagement in the Asian market, but the State needs an informed, long‑term strategy to make the most of its opportunities.

Consultation to develop an Asian Engagement Strategy

The Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation has led the consultation process to develop Western Australia's Asian Engagement Strategy, following the release of the Asian Engagement Strategy consultation paper.

The consultation period has now closed. If you have any enquiries about the Asian Engagement Strategy, please email the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation at

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