The Port of Ashburton is a multi-user port with infrastructure to support the export of LNG and downstream hydrocarbon products. 

The port of Ashburton was constructed by the Wheatstone Joint Venture, and is managed by the Pilbara Port Authority. The initial port development managed by the Pilbara Port Authority consists of:

  • Shipping channels
  • Access channels
  • Turning basins
  • Materials offloading facility (MOF) harbour
  • Berth pockets
  • Dredge spoil grounds
  • Pilot boarding grounds
  • Anchorages
  • Tug pens
  • Wharf areas
  • Navigation aids* and moorings.

The Pilbara Port Authority has developed the Port of Ashburton Master Plan to plan for the long term development of the port, including delineation of land use precincts within the port, identification of essential infrastructure, and provision of the port’s ultimate development up to 2050.

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