Major projects in Western Australia are assigned to one of five lead agencies that work with project proponents to manage all government interactions and statutory approvals. This helps improve efficiency and reduce the time taken to deliver projects, while fully considering the public interest. 

The department is the lead agency for State-significant projects and major resource and infrastructure projects where the proposed investment is significant or of strategic importance to Western Australia. Current examples include the Gorgon Project on Barrow Island, the Anketell Port and Strategic Industrial Area and the Roy Hill iron ore project. 

The requirements of the project are determined by applying criteria relating to the project’s level of complexity, significance to the state and impact on the environment and infrastructure.  

As a result of this analysis, projects are classified as level 1, 2 or 3, with those in level 3 being very large or complex, having substantial investment or having the potential to create significant employment. Some proposals that are of critical strategic importance to the state or to Australia will be referred to cabinet for consideration for ‘state significant’ status.  

Further information about the Western Australian Government's Lead Agency Framework is available in the Lead Agency Framework Guidance Document.

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