About the Defence Science Centre Research Higher Degree Student Grant Application

The Defence Science Centre (DSC) Research Higher Degree Student Grant (RHDSG) provides funding to students working on collaborative defence-relevant projects and/or undertaking defence-industry placements as part of their study. This grant aims to develop research linkages among universities, Defence Science and Technology Group (DST) and defence sector business; support capacity-building in research areas where Defence has an interest and will promote new defence-related research linkages among universities.

Nature of RHDSC

Funding will provide partial stipend support of $15K for students undertaking their research higher degree on collaborative, defence-related projects and/or undertaking defence-industry placements as part of their study.

The grant shall be awarded to the primary supervisor of the student for payment by the enrolling institution as living stipend:

  • $15,000 payable in two instalments
    1. $5,000 on enrolment or execution of the Funding Agreement, whichever is the latter.
    2. $10,000 on confirmation.

Grants will be awarded for proposed RHDSC projects where a student has not yet been identified as well as those where a student is enrolled, subject to the conditions below.

It is expected that five (5) grants will be available for awarding in FY 2019-2020. Grants will be awarded on a competitive basis.


RHDSG are open to academic staff of DSC Member Universities.

  • The research project must be Defence-relevant and aligned to the themes of the DSC.
  • Projects can be undertaken within any discipline provided it can demonstrate alignment to the themes. Multi-discipline projects are encouraged.
  • For security purposes, the student must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • It is desirable for the student to have at least one co-supervisor (formal or informal as part of a collaboration) at either an industry partner, the DST Group or another university.
  • The project must be substantially based, and the student enrolled in a Western Australian university.
  • Employees of DST Group are NOT eligible for support as students on these projects.
  • Where the grant will support a student who has already commenced on the project, it is preferred that they be within 3 months of commencement at the time of application.

Selection Criteria

  • Applications for funding will be assessed against the following selection criteria:
  • Defence relevance of RHDSG project
  • Alignment to DSC objectives
  • Nature/Strength of collaboration, including opportunities for the student to undertake an industry/DST Group internship as part of their study
  • Home organisation of the co-supervisor/s – preference will be given for co-supervisors in industry or DST Group. Where supervisors are at different universities, preference will be given to new collaborations.

Conditions of Award

  • Unless already enrolled, the student must commence within 6 months of the execution of the grant agreement. In the event that a suitable student has not been identified and enrolled within this period, the grant will be rescinded.
  • Payment of the first instalment of the grant is conditional upon enrolment of the student.
  • Payment of the second instalment of the grant is conditional upon successful confirmation.
  • The student must conform to the usual requirements of the enrolling university in regards to eligibility, satisfactory progress, research integrity, ethics and other related matters.
  • The supervisor must provide annual reports regarding the student’s progress on the project
  • Copies of any research publications arising from the project must be provided to the DSC (excluding the thesis) and DSC support must be acknowledged within the publication.
  • On submission of the thesis a short ‘lay’ abstract, suitable for website or newsletter publishing must be supplied to DSC.

Getting Help

Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions

If you require assistance or guidance to complete this application, or support to connect with potential collaboration partners please email the team at dsc@jtsi.wa.gov.au. We will respond to your email within two working days, or for urgent assistance please call (08) 9222 0555.

Submitting You Application

All applications to DSC are to be made via the DSC Research Higher Degree Student Grant Application Form scanned sent by email to dsc@jtsi.wa.gov.au, no other means of submission will be accepted.

Closing and Timeframes

Submissions are to be received by 1pm on 11 October 2019. Applications will not be accepted after the closing date and time.

Approved applicants will be announced on or before 21 November 2019.


telephone: (08) 9222 0555
email: dsc@jtsi.wa.gov.au