This Funding Assistance Register has been developed to aid current and potential future battery industry proponents to identify relevant, existing State or Commonwealth Government funding programs and/or assistance for their projects. 

Commonwealth Assistance


Advanced Manufacturing Early Stage Research Fund

The AMESRF is a $4 million funding initiative, and forms part of the $100 million Advanced Manufacturing Fund which will boost innovation, skills and employment in advanced manufacturing.  The intent of the AMESRF is to support small-scale and pilot research projects in advanced manufacturing, and benefit smaller firms and early stage research. The fund will provide grants to SMEs for rapid initial feasibility testing, allowing the projects to then move quickly to larger-scale research or commercialisation.

For further information, visit:  Advanced Manufacturing Early Stage Research Fund

Advancing Renewables Program

The Advancing Renewables Program aims to provide business with funding or finance to develop renewable energy technologies.

For further information, visit: Advancing Renewables Program

Australian Research Council  - Linkage Projects Grant

The objective of the Linkage Projects grant opportunity is to support the initiation and/or development of long-term strategic research alliances between higher education organisations and industry and other research end-users, in order to provide opportunities to achieve national economic, commercial, environmental, or social benefits.

For further information, visit:  Australian Research Council - Linkage Projects Grant

Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF)

The $641.6 million Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF) supports the Australian Government’s commitment to create jobs, drive economic growth and build stronger regional communities into the future.  There are two streams of funding available under the program:  Infrastructure Projects Stream; and Community Investments Stream.

For further information, visit:  Building Better Regions Fund

Clean Energy Finance Corp (CEFC) - Innovation Fund

The $200 million Innovation Fund targets a diversified portfolio of Australian-based clean energy investments with a long term commercial outlook, Final investment approval is provided by the CEFC Board, which is responsible for all CEFC investment commitments made under the CEFC Act. 

For further information, visit:  Clean Energy Finance Corp - Innovation Fund

Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-P) Grants

The CRC-P Grants Program provides industry-led collaborations with short term (up to three years) matched funding to develop important new technologies, products and services.  Collaborations from all industry sectors, research disciplines and community sectors can apply.

For future funding round information, visit: Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-P) Grants

Entrepreneur’s Program – Incubator Support: Expert in Residence

The Entrepreneur’s Programme is a $23 million initiative to assist Australian start-ups to develop the capabilities required to achieve commercial success in international markets and realise their economic potential, and to develop Australia’s innovation ecosystem (including in Australian regions).

For further information, visit:  Entrepreneur's Program - Expert In Residence

Entrepreneurs’ Program – Business Growth Grants

The objective of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme is to connect small and medium sized businesses with the capabilities and networks they need to innovate, compete and grow in Australian markets and/or markets in other countries. Business Management initiative consists of two elements: i) Business advice and facilitation services; and ii) Business growth grants to assist you to implement your plan’s recommendations.

For further information, visit: Entrepreneurs' Program - Business Growth Grants

Entrepreneurs’ Program – Innovation Connections Grant

Innovation Connections (IC) provides grant funding to assist businesses to understand their research needs, connect with the research sector and fund collaborative research projects.

For further information, visit:  Entrepreneurs' Program - Innovation Connections Grant

Export Market Development Grants (EMDG)

The Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) reimburses expenses incurred for export promotional activities to existing and potential Australian exporters.

Funding is provided to compensate eligible export businesses up to 50% of their promotional expenses over $15,000. The minimum grant is $5,000, the maximum $150,000.

For further information, visit:  Export Market Development Grants (EMDG)

Export Finance Australia

Export Finance Australia (EFA) provides financial support to eligible projects that boost our ability to extract and process critical minerals in Australia.

For further information, visit:  Export Finance Australia

Major Project Status

Major Project Status is the Australian Government's formal recognition of the national strategic significance of a project, through its contribution to economic growth, employment, or contribution to regional Australia.

For further information, visit: Major Project Status

Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility

NAIF is a $5 billion lending facility which provides loans to infrastructure projects in Northern Australia.  NAIF investments can be used for the development of new infrastructure or for the material enhancement of existing infrastructure.

For further information, visit:  Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility

State Assistance


Access Asia Business Grants

The Access Asia Business Grants provide funding for WA businesses to enter or expand their trade with Asian markets. Funding can be used for product marketing, expo/trade visits, cultural/language training and other activities that help build businesses' capacity to trade with Asia.

For further information, visit:

Exploration Incentive Scheme

The Exploration Incentive Scheme (EIS) is a $10 million per year State Government initiative that aims to encourage exploration in Western Australia for the long-term sustainability of the State’s resources sector.

For further information, visit:  Exploration Incentive Scheme

Government Co-funded Exploration Drilling

The Co-funded Government - Industry Drilling Program is a State Government initiative, which funds up to 50% of direct drilling costs to promote geoscience exploration and contribute to the economic development of regional areas of Western Australia.

For further information, visit:  Government Co-funded Exploration Drilling

Local Capability Fund (LCF)

The Local Capability Fund (LCF) is an initiative under the State Government's Plan for Jobs.  The purpose of the fund is to assist small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Western Australia to increase their capability and competitiveness as suppliers of products, services and works to the Western Australian State Government, major projects and other important markets.

For further information, visit: Local Capability Fund

New Industries Fund (NIF) - Innovation Vouchers Program

The New Industries Fund – Innovation Vouchers Program enables Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to develop greater opportunities to commercialise their ideas and innovations and expand to create jobs.

For further information, visit: New Industries Fund - Innovation Vouchers Program

Regional New Industries Fund (RNIF)

The Regional New Industries Fund provides funding for projects that increase connectivity and build capability across regions, the State and to international markets. In particular, the State Network Stream (under the RNIF) priorities initiatives that enable technology development, service innovation and market access.

For further information, visit:  Regional New Industries Fund

Royalties for Regions:  Collie Futures Small Grants Program

The Collie Futures Small Grants Program provides funding for projects that support efforts to drive long-term economic growth and stimulate jobs creation in the Collie region.

For further information on future funding rounds, visit: RfR - Collie Futures Small Grants Program

Royalties for Regions:  Collie Futures Industry Development Fund

Funding is available to new projects which are able to demonstrate a significant and sustainable impact on the local economy through both increased productivity and creation of jobs in the Collie region.

For further information, visit:  RfR - Collie Futures Industry Development Fund

Royalties for Regions: Regional Economic Development Grants

The Regional Economic Development Grants (RED Grants) program is a State Government initiative that invests in community driven projects to stimulate economic growth and development in regional Western Australia.

For further information, visit: RfR - Regional Economic Development Grants

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