Award of Top-Up Scholarships

The Australia-China Natural Gas Technology Partnership Fund provided top-up scholarships for students studying in Australia and China from 2009, concluding in 2016.

2015 Recipients

Host Institution


Project Title

China University of Petroleum Beijing Keqiang Guo Research for the Economic Effect of Shale Gas Industry Development
Curtin University Walter Ikealumba Investigate the behaviour of LNG dispersion under various conditions via mathematical modelling
The University of Western Australia Hongyi Jiang Numerical Modelling of Scour below an Offshore Pipeline
China University of Petroleum Beijing Wandi Li Research on the Approaches to China Shale Gas Exploitation Planning
China University of Petroleum Cuiwei Liu Leak Location and Detection for Natural Gas Pipelines based on Acoustic Waves
China University of Petroleum Beijing Wei Liu High resolution time-frequency analysis methods and AVO equations
The University of Western Australia Yucen Lu A Study of LNG Sloshing in a Partially Filled Tank
Curtin University Chinedu Ossai Predictive Modelling and Reliability Analysis of Aged, Corroded Pipelines
China University of Petroleum Beijing Guanglin Pi Research on early warning system and emergency management system of China’s natural gas security
Tianjin University/The University of Western Australia (Visiting Student until Sept 2015) Zhichao Shen Research on load-carrying capacity of subsea mudmats under fully three dimensional loading
China University of Petroleum Beijing Daobing Wang Study of the influence mechanism of fracturing fluid on the artifical fracture network formation in shale rock.
Curtin University Hongcai Wang Microwave Heating Effects on Formation Damage in Tight Gas Reservoirs.
China University of Petroleum Ning Wang The prediction and control of wellbore pressure after gas kick in deepwater gas field drilling.
China University of Petroleum Beijing Minhui Wei Study of Pulsed Oscillation for Frictional Drag Reduction in horizontal well.
China University of Petroleum Beijing Hang Zhang Tribological Behavior and its Control during the Movement of PIG in Oil and Gas Pipeline

Research Projects Supported By The Fund



Research Title

UWA Prof Mark Cassidy - Geotechnical solutions for EngineeringDeep Water Gas Fields
Curtin University Prof Boris Gurevich - Seismic Response of Partially Saturated Gas Reservoir Zones. Towards Quantitative Recovery Monitoring. Maxim Lebedev et al
Curtin University Prof Xia Lou - A Novel Hydrogel Supported Clathrate Hydrate Technology for Reversible Methane. Xia Lou
Edith Cowan Uni Dr Jacques Oosthuizen - Field Validation of a Lab Developed Heat Stress Intervention in the Australian LNG Sector. Jacques Oosthuizen
Curtin University Dr Wahidul Biswas - Environmental Supply Chain Management of Exporting LNG to China using LCA and CleanerProduction
A Life Cycle Assessment of Western Australian LNG. Wahidul Biswas et al
Sinopec Southwest Wang Guo - Analysis of Environmental Performance in the Natural Gas Industry.Sinopec Southwest Petroleum Branch Project Team
Sun Yat-Sen Uni Liang Yong Kuan - Contract and Relationship Governance for the Products Under Chinese Cultural Backgrounds. Liang Yongkuan
Sun Yat-Sen Uni Prof Huang LinJun - HSE Management System and Regulation on LNG Industry. An International Comparative Study Perspective.Linjun Huang Martin West
Fujian Industry Economy Development Association Zhu Sihai - Research on Fujian's LNG Economic Regulation and Market Supervision.Zhu Sihai
South ChinaUniversity of Technology Nan Jiang - Research and Development on Lightweight Austenitic Stainless Steel LNG Cryogenic Vessels. Jiang Nan
Qingdao University of Science and Technology Zaifeng Li - Key fabrication technologies of novelhydrogenated nitrile-butadiene rubber composites and application as packer rubber tubes in deep drilling of oil and gas wells
Victoria University Centre for Strategic Economic Studies Peter Sheehan - A regional study of increased gas use in Beijingand Guangdong, China
The National and Regional Development of Chinas Gas Market Beyond Evolutionary Change.Peter Sheehan et al
China University of Petroleum Chen Shou Hai - Legislation Research on Natural Gas Infrastructure Construction and Operation in China(E). Chen Shouhai et al

 Award of Top-Up Scholarships in 2014

Host Institution


Project Title

China University of Petroleum

Xiaorui Zhang

Transient optimisation of gas pipeline operation

China University of Petroleum

Wang Yong

Mixed Management Team of International Natural Gas Engineering Projects

Southwest Petroleum University

Xiaohua Tan

The flow model of multi-section fractured horizontal well based on tree-shaped fractal theory

Jilin University

Yuan Ye

Targeted synthesis of new porous materials enhances storage ability of natural gas for facile transport

The University of Western Australia

Masoumeh Akhfash

Visual observation of hydrate formation and plugging tendency for water, oil and gas systems

China Univ of Geosciences

Yidong Cai

Coalbed methane reservoir heterogeneity and its implication to adsorption and seepage of coalbed methane

The University of Western Australia

Xiaojun Li

Strategy to facilitate the retrieval of deep-water mudmats

University of Science and Technology Beijing

Fanguo Meng

Study the precipitation law of precipitate phase in Incoloy 028 alloy and its influence on corrosion behavior in oil well pipes

China University of Petroleum

Xuan Fu

Research on fracturing mechanism in radial drilled holes of coal bed methane

China University of Petroleum

Huanpeng Chi

Research on high pressure waterjet microhole drilling technology in coalbed methane development

Peking University

Ji-yao Tu

Temperature-pressure system simulation of Sichuan Basin and its petroleum significance

The University of Western Australia

Jingbin Zheng

Develop more rational design approaches for estimating spudcan penetration resistance in multi-layer soils with interbedded sand layer

China University of Petroleum

Jiehui Yuan

Research for the impact of shale gas development on natural gas supply pattern in China

China University of Petroleum

Jiwei Li

Research on MPD pressure control methods in deep carbonate gas reservoir development

China Univ of Geosciences

Song Li

Dynamic evaluation of coalbed methane reservoir engineering