The Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation comprises the Western Australian Tourism Commission and the following operational divisions:

  • Policy, Planning and Economic Development; which provides strategic policy advice on State development issues, develops strategic infrastructure and is responsible for State significant projects.
  • Resources Development and Defence; which leads and assists the development and expansion of Western Australia’s resources and industry sectors, improves local industry capability and participation, and promotes Western Australia’s defence sector.
  • International Education, Trade and Investment; which promotes export market development and manages the State Government’s network of international trade and investment offices.
  • Science and Innovation, which develops the State's science and innovation capacity and capabilities, encourages collaboration between government, industry, and academia, promotes scientific excellence and innovative achievements, administers funding and leverages investment. 

The Department is also supported by legal counsel and appropriate corporate services.

Key personnel

Rebecca Brown
Director General, Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation
Rebecca was appointed as Director General in September, 2018. She has previously served as Department of Health Deputy Director General. She has also served as Deputy Director General in the Department of the Premier and Cabinet and has held numerous senior roles within the State Government.

Joe Ostojich
Deputy Director General, Policy Planning and Economic Development
Joe has been with the Department since 2006, and was appointed to his current position in 2014. He has worked on significant projects for the state including the Gorgon LNG project, and the Roy Hill iron ore project. Prior to joining the Department, Joe worked for the Australian Government in the area of international trade finance and risk management. 

Geoffrey Wedgwood
Deputy Director General, Resources Development and Defence

Geoffrey joined the Department as Deputy Director General in September 2016. He has a wealth of resources-related experience, particularly in oil and gas, mineral sands, and iron ore, across both the public and private sectors.
Fiona Roche
Deputy Director General, Science and Innovation
Fiona has worked in the government sector for much of her career, particularly in central agencies with a policy coordination role. Before joining this department in 2017, Fiona was Executive Director, Office of Science in the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC). She previously worked in senior roles in DPC and the Public Sector Commission with a focus on governance, integrity and diversity.
Steve Melville
Director, Corporate Services

Steve joined the department in 2011 from the Forest Products Commission of WA. He has a range of financial, marketing and management experience in both the government and private sectors.

Pamela Hass
General Counsel, Legal Services

Pamela joined the Department in 2011. Pamela’s previous positions include University Secretary and Special Legal Counsel at the University of Western Australia and General Counsel at Curtin University in Western Australia. Pamela was the first national president of the Australian Corporate Lawyers Association – the association for in-house counsel – from Western Australia.