New Prospect magazine out now

by Department of State Development | Jul 05, 2016
The June-August edition of Western Australia's international resources development magazine Prospect is now available in hard copy and online.

Western Australia is currently the world’s largest iron ore exporter and 2016 marks fifty years of iron ore exports from the State. This edition of Prospect focuses on this major milestone for Western Australia, with the State’s history and identity intrinsically linked to the development of its iron ore industry.

Western Australia is also a significant exporter of agriculture and aquaculture products and this edition of Prospect covers the rise of agribusiness for the State, including the first stage of a billion dollar aquaculture project for Western Australia.

Other stories cover the change of ministerial responsibilities for the State Development and Mines and Petroleum portfolios; an overview of outcomes from the recent 18th International Conference & Exhibition on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG 18); and the launch of Western Australian mineral sands company MZI Resources’ Keysbrook Mineral Sands Project (the project is Western Australia’s first primary producer of leucoxene and represents one of the largest new project developments in the State’s Peel region in recent years).

In September, Perth will host the 14th Africa Down Under Conference and Exhibition (ADU 2016) – the annual event offers Australian companies the opportunity to gain knowledge about the African market and industries, and offers African mining states a spotlight to promote investment in their resources sectors.

To read these stories and more, visit Prospect online. You can also sign up to receive digital access or manage your subscription online.

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