The Start IT Up WA Challenge aims to nurture innovative, technology-based solutions to government problems, and build capability within the Western Australian start-up community.

The 2016 Challenge offered a pool of $100,000 to successful applicants, in addition to securing an opportunity to develop, beta test and demonstrate the commercial viability of projects in collaboration with a State Government agency.

54 responses were received covering a wide range of topics including conserving water, data analytics, drone technology, improving building approvals, energy trading, road safety and document management.

The Challenge is the first step towards governments becoming the first customers for innovation, as new approaches enable us to optimise interaction with Government agencies and improve services to the community. The challenge will also assist the winners along their path from ideation to commercialisation. 


All of Me Start IT Up ChallengeAll of Me were awarded $20,000 for their mental health awareness and evaluation application. The early intervention app uses animation and customised scenario examples to work through mental health topics and offer strategies, help, advice and individual assessments.

176-SIU-1Hacker Pals were awarded $30,000 for their project Binary Crate. Binary Crate is a secure, cloud-based in browser integrated development environment to help students learn programming and coding to create innovative new ideas and products for the future.

188-SIU-1KinChip Systems Pty Ltd were awarded $50,000 for their project Kindom™. Kindom™ links health, education and social services, allowing a parents to have all of their child’s medical records, prescriptions, school reports and development charts at their fingertips.

All winners will have the opportunity to incubate their projects within a relevant Government agency.

Congratulations to all the winners and applicants to the Start IT Up WA Challenge 2016.

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From 54 applications, the following were shortlisted:

Airscope Industries Pty Ltd

 Airscope Industries provides an integrated asset inspection tool using innovative drone technologies, data analytics and 3D modelling to deliver real time and accurate information for structural inspection of State government assets and infrastructure, to underpin existing maintenance, inspection and asset remediation and infrastructure planning strategies. (Australia) Pty Ltd

Online service embedded into residential, granny flats, sheds and pool builders and websites that help them from enquiry through to building permit.

Jurimetrics Pty Ltd

Jurimetrics uses machine reading to generate statistical data on regulatory and legal decisions so that government departments can improve and evaluate policy, write more detailed reports and make better informed decisions.

My Choice Supports Pty Ltd

A digital platform which provides the easiest way for people with a disability to find, choose and hire their support.

Recreational Anglers Database

The project aims to receive, record, and analyse recreational fishing data submitted voluntarily by users of a world first smartphone application, in a citizen science approach to obtain more reliable and accurate recreational fishing data.

Tap into Safety Pty Ltd

Tap into Safety has developed interactive safety training applications for mobile devices that train the safety induction and in hazard perception and need to extend the training to be delivered every day via a mobile phone app to refresh the training, determine ongoing knowledge retention and provide hazard alerting functionality.

Thomas Leenders

PointBreak is a surf/weather alert application that aims to provide beach goes with an easily consumable way of discovering beaches, understanding surf conditions and collaborating your community all while and keeping you safe.

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