Major resources, industry and infrastructure projects can bring significant benefits to regional communities including new investment, employment, business opportunities and infrastructure. However, they also exert pressure on community services and infrastructure, such as roads, airports, utilities, housing, education and health services.

The department has developed the Infrastructure and Services Assessment (ISA) as a flexible assessment framework designed to provide a consistent approach to maximising project benefits and identifying and managing the project’s impacts.

The ISA will assist government agencies to more effectively coordinate planning for infrastructure and services such as:

  • Project-related land release
  • Housing and worker accommodation
  • Utility requirements
  • Transport networks
  • Government-provided services (eg health, education, police).

What does the Infrastructure and Services Assessment involve?

Proponent assessment

Project proponents already assess the benefits and impacts their projects have on local services and infrastructure. The ISA establishes a framework for sharing this information so that all parties (government, local stakeholders and the proponent) can identify and manage the most significant impacts.

Stakeholder engagement

The proponent ensures consultation with community, business and local government stakeholders to guide, inform and give feedback to the proponent throughout the process of assessing and managing project impacts and benefits.

Government coordination

Government agencies work with the proponent to anticipate and plan for significant impacts, and manage ongoing issues.

Who benefits from the Infrastructure and Services Assessment?


The ISA provides a clear outline of the government’s expectations of a proponent in managing project impacts, and the support the government will provide.

Affected communities and other stakeholders

The ISA identifies the impacts and opportunities the project may create, and gives stakeholders a role in ensuring these are managed appropriately.

Western Australian Government agencies

The ISA provides information that will enable government agencies to undertake evidence-based planning for significant projects.

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