In November 2012, following a public tender process, Kimberley Agricultural Investment (KAI) was announced as the preferred proponent for the project. A Development Agreement was subsequently signed between the State and KAI on 6th December 2013 for the development of 13,400ha into irrigated farmland under Stage 2 of the Ord Irrigation Expansion Project.

Ord River Irrigation Expansion_Stage 2 Ord River Irrigation Area

Under the Ord Development Agreement, KAI has committed to the development of 7,400ha of the Goomig farm area land with an option to develop a further 6,000ha of Knox Plain lands.

The Ord Development Agreement can be seen as a staged investment process with the company committed to achieving significant milestones that, if met,will lead to a 50 year lease with a 25 year option for renewal. KAI’s committed investment under the Development Agreement is estimated to be $200 million.

Over the next four years, the state expects KAI to:

  • create on-farm infrastructure
  • develop and crop the Goomig Farm Area
  • commence construction of roads and irrigation infrastructure for the Knox Plain land.

Potential future development

There are a number of land areas that are currently being investigated for potential future land release. These include Carlton Hill (approximately 6,000ha) and Cockatoo Sands (4,000ha potentially up to 30,000ha).

Ord River Irrigation Expansion_Future land release_Ord West Bank and Manitea